Upgrade to 6.2.2 Bug

(Ahmed HADDAD) #1

I have the version 6.1.3 of elasticsearch and i want to upgrade to 6.2.2
so ,using zip file in windows,i did like this:

  1. unzip to desktop
  2. delete the config file and replace by the one of 6.1.3
  3. paste data file from 6.1.3 to 6.2.2

when i execute the cmd>bin\elasticsearch.bat i get the following error :
echo jvm options parser failed

what i m doing wrong please ?

(Alexander Reelsen) #2

You should unzip the zip files into two different locations and either copy only the configuration files over or point to a specific config directory. Your data directory should be in neither of those directories, the same applies for logs - which makes upgrading very easy without worrying that you are overwriting or mixing up files from different installations.

(system) #3

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