Upgrading kibana 3 to kibana 6.2

We are planning to upgrade kibana from 3 to 6.2
I have read that the dashboards arent compatible.

Need suggestions as to What can the best approach for the upgrade.

Also, what kind of changes are done that make the 2 versions incompatible? reason behind asking the question is to understand how difficult would it be to write a mapper code that would convert the json files of version 3 to that of version 6.2

Kibana 3 was based on facets, which were replaced in Elasticsearch by aggregations a long time ago. Kibana 3 is therefore a completely different code base to newer versions, so the only way to migrate is unfortunately to recreate the dashboards in the new version.

so , wouldnt it be possible to have some sort of a program that would convert the older version json file to newer one ?
what problems to you forsee in doing so ?

I recall this being deemed not possible even when we introduced Kibana 4 back in the day, as we otherwise most likely would have provided a migration tool. Since then a lot has changed in Elasticsearch and Kibana meaning that I doubt it is even at all possible.

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