Upstream prematurely closed connection while connecting to Kibana

Hello ,

Need some help with issue which we are facing while connecting to Kibana via Nginx using proxy_pass.

We are using ECK operator on Openshift ( Elasticsearch (ECK) Operator 2.6.2 provided by Elastic ) .

While doing proxy _pass to kibana service , below error can be seen in nginx error logs:

*360#360: 575 upstream prematurely closed connection while reading response header from upstream,

The proxy_pass to some other service ( which also serves a UI ) works fine using same nginx. Only while proxying to Kibana, this issue is encountered.

Tried many configurations on the nginx side like various proxy related timeout params, keep-alive etc , but in vain.

Suspicion is that something on the Kibana side needs to be tuned. Perhaps related to HTTP/TCP.

Pls help. Thanks

Solution/workaround which worked :

proxy_pass was to http but TLS was not disabled on Kibana side.

After disabling TLS on Kibana side, was able to login to Kibana Dashboard.

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