Uptime errors when using CCS

I installed and configured Heartbeat, Elasticsearch and Kibana 7.7, which works perfectly fine. I can see the resulting data on Uptime tab of Kibana. However I have other Elastic stack instances (also 7.7), so I have an Elasticsearch instance for cross-cluster search. I connected a Kibana instance to this Elasticsearch node.

The only thing I could not get working on this Kibana for cross-cluster search, is the Uptime function. The pie chart and pings over time graph works fine, but I cannot see the individual monitors in the table. There is the following error in the table:

Error: [illegal_argument_exception] can not write type [class java.util.HashSet]

Here is the screenshot of the issue:

I am aware that a workaround could be to send Heartbeat data to this CCS node, however I do not want this, since it kind of messes up the structure I built.

EDIT: I would like to add that I added the heartbeat-* index on the remote cluster in the settings page seen in the screenshot. I did the same thing with Logs and Metrics apps, which works without an issue. This one also works anyway, it's just the monitor status table is broken.

Thanks for the report. This is due to a scripted metric query that is currently in the process of being refactored away. See this PR for the work to remove it.

Thanks for your reply. Looking forward for a fixed release.

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