Uptime in Cross-Cluster Search

We recently set-up Heartbeat for two ES clusters (everything running version 8.3.2). However, data from these clusters are viewed from a Cross-Cluster Search (CCS) instance. When I view Uptime from the local cluster Kibana, I see all my Monitors data, but when I view Uptime on the CCS Kibana, it's blank. I can see all the Heartbeat events in Discover on the CCS Kibana, but not in Uptime > Monitors. What am I missing?

...I found this similar case, but that was two years ago, a different version, and in that case he saw the pie chart and "Pings over time". I don't see anything on the Uptime Monitors page - just the prompt to add data.

Hi @Tim_Mobley

Did you add the remote heartbeat index to the uptime settings?
*:heartbeat-8*,heartbeat-8* careful no spaces

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