Uptime monitor status

Hi - we have hearbeat installed/configured in our environment. When we check on the uptime status, I do see the historic count of the services that were down listed in the dashboard but nothing shows up in the "Monitor status" section. My understanding is that the count status is being pulled from the heartbeat-* indices and the monitor status section data is being pulled from the .monitogin* system indices.

Does this section only display "live" status of the services and not the historic status? And if that's not the case - what else could be missing that I can correct?


As you can notice from the above screen shot, I was expecting to see the down services listed in the monitor status section at the bottom of the page when I chose show the "Down" filter.

Instead, when I select "Up" filter - I notice all the services are listed in the monitor status but I have to manually navigate across multiple pages to get the ones which have a history of downtime. Just trying to understand if this is the expected behavior or anything is missing in our setup.

Appreciate your time.


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