urlMaker.py Version 2 - Dynamic Kibana URL's

Hello, I just released version 2 of my little open source projects that allows the creation of dynamic Kibana dashboards using custom links to a small flask service. This small tool in my use-case at least adds a lot of value to our setup

Currently I am using it in production in 3 different ways:

  1. logstash URL creation:
    If certain criteria is met, logstash will create a URL to a dashboard filtered to connected events

  2. Services website
    a website containing information on services provides a link with each service to a generic services dashboard, filtered to that specific service and criteria

  3. "Agent Portal"
    a simple website in which people can enter the value of single field, javascript creates a urlMaker.py url and sends you to it, giving those employees the ability to have a de-facto search engine for those events they want to see, without learning how to use Kibana filters

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Thanks for sharing this! I've moved it to a category that might get you a few more views :slight_smile:

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