Use case in Kibana

I have a db full of offers from different suppliers. These offers are made for different profiles at different dates and have each a price.

I would like to visualise this in Kibana

I would like to have one line per date.

On that line I would like to see the minimal offer of every supplier. The minimal offer all-round for that date, the default offer (one offer is the "default offer") and the difference between the default and the minimal offer.

How can I do this?

Use a data table and add each of those as a metric.

This is one of the lines of my db:

{"date":"09-2013","profile":"P1","supplier":"Offre de base","consumerType":"professional","productName":"Offre de base","dgo":"DGA","consumption":"65877.0","price":3694.0060701239668}

I don't see how I can make it work.

Somehow, my visualisation should add a column for every supplier but it doesn't know how many there are

The best I manage to do is have a line for each date, supplier, showing the minimal offer of that supplier and the minimal offer for that date

for example one line

01-2018           Shell              0.12              0.10

But I would like all the suppliers to appear as columns with one line per date and the minimal offer for that date for each supplier.

01-2018         0.12           0.10           1           1.10            2.3

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