Use curator for more than one deployment


We have two ElasticCloud Deployments, one of which is a test deployment.
We may increase the deployments based on our additional client requirements.
We have created a curator for the test deployment installed in a Windows Server 2016, which points to the deployment and runs periodically to export(using elasticdump) and delete indices to maintain the space.
We are all good with this.

Right now, my question is "Can I run multiple curator's using the Task Scheduler for different deployments? Will there be any performance issues as we may run more than one schedulers and upto 10-15 schedulers later, which has to start almost same time every month? "

Much appreciated in advance.

Thanks, Brit

If you can configure the Task Scheduler to have different Curator jobs use different config.yml and action files, then it should work.

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Thanks for confirming, Aaron. I will update, if any, after implementing and how it goes

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