Use metricbeat field in kibana dashboard

Hi Team,

I have been using metricbeat to monitor my server based on cpu utilization.
I am using ingest node feature provided by elasticsearch. The problem is when i pushed the cpu data it push the data based on per core. So when plotting the graph i have to change the axis max and axis min based on core available in server. For example if the system is having 4 core, then i have to set the axis max to 4. can i not read the data from the metricbeat field i.e system.cpu.cores.

So what i really want is to pass the value of system.cpu.cores , the data gathered by the metricbeat
Is their a possibility that i can do it.

Sourav Suman

Hi Sourav,

The Axis Max refers to the Y-Axis of the visualization which, according to your screenshot, is a percentage. This number should be between 0 and 1 (ex. 0.75 = 75%). So setting the Axis Max value to 4 would change the top of the Y-Axis to 400%. Is that your intention?

Hi Nick,

@nickpeihl yes, you understand half right.
Their are two points right now that i am considering :

  • If i am plotting graph based on Core, then i need to pass the core value manually i.e i have to check the core every time for the respective system and pass the value to Axis Max. If possible can i not pass the value from the cpu metricset which provides a field system.cpu.cores .

  • second is if 1st point is not possible can i not scale the Y-axis graph between 0 and 1. So in that case i don't need to worry about the cores while viewing the graph.

Sourav Suman

@nickpeihl Can we do anything about it?


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