Use Metricbeat to monitor single node ELK?

I have a single node ELK and would like to use Metricbeat to monitor resource utilization (memory, cput, etc). Are there any drawbacks to installing Metricbeat on my single ELK node?

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I did installed it on some single ELK node, so far so good. One of the installations was on my lab environment, and the other is in a small production environment.

I never read anything about not doing it or being a bad idea.

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That's perfectly fine and we actually just released an alternative way of collecting metrics in 6.5 by running Metricbeats locally on the Elasticsearch nodes (

We do mention some configuration details in the documentation that might be helpful for you, even if there is no dedicated monitoring cluster in the mix.

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Speaking of; I could really use some help with this. I followed the guide referenced in the link to the letter; however all I see in the monitoring cluster under the monitoring tab is monitoring information for the monitoring cluster. What am I doing wrong?

@snorris Any chance you could open a new topic?

Of course, doing it now.

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