Use of Index Pattern with Canvas

Hello Everyone,

I have an index pattern that I want to use with Canvas. I tried to use poc_alarms-%{dd-MM-YYYY} in the select request but I get this error

I don't have a problem when I try with the full name reference like poc_alarms-20-09-2022.

Can somebody help please.

Thanks in advance.

Use poc_alarms-* or poc_alarms-*-2022 or for current month <poc_alarms-*-{now/M{MM-yyyy}}*>

Hello @Divit_Sharma ,

Thanks so much for your reply and sorry for not being explicite in my initial post.

To make short, I want to use dynamically the current date but i'm not able. Can you help for that case please.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for your time. I'm really happy :smiley: !!!

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