Use value of a field as timezone in range query

My index has two fields: "local_time": "2020-04-28T11:00:52.000-0500" as date and "timezone": "America/Bogota" as string.
The local_time stores various timezones. I want to search for the same time range but in different timezones.

How could I use the value of timezone in the range query? I have checked but range query does not have painless script guie.

                   "range": {
                        "local_time": {
                            "gt": "2020-01-13T00:00:00",
                            "lt": "2020-01-19T23:59:59", 
                            "time_zone": {{timezone value here}},
                            "format": "date_hour_minute_second"

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