User based access control in kibana using Nginx+ lua


Is there any way of kibana access control using ngix+lua ?
i came to know it is possible , if yes is there getting start stuff available ?

For Kibana 3 (and general direct access to ES) there's Maybe some of that can apply to Kibana 4 as well?

There is some discussion on the subject on this thread: Kibana 4 dashboards access control with Shield

What type of access control are you trying to achieve?

hi @tbragin

My requirment is if a user has less privilege that user should not able to see all the dashboard, if super user comes then only all the dashboard should get dispaly, i do not have much acquaintance about user access in kibana , so any reference ?

At the moment, the main way I've see users do what you describe is setting up different Kibana instances for different user groups. Other DYI ideas are describe in the thread above.

Longer term, we do plan to introduce fine-grained view-level access control in Kibana: