User drop off chart kibana

Hi Team,

My requirement is simple:

  1. I need to track onto which url most users are dropping off onto my website.
  2. The urls that a particular user is visiting into my website to better understand their activities.

Both of the above requirement are met by discover tab by applying suitable filteres in Kibana.

I however would require it to be displayed in the kibana dashboard.
I there any way we can track url flow that is being followed by one particular user or a group of users in Kibana dashboard.

Data onto my logs is from standard IIS logging consisting of Client IP, username, urls etc.

Have you tried using the Data Table visualization with the filters you mentioned and adding it to a dashboard?

Thanks for quick response.

The data table do satisfy the requirement but we need to apply filters with fixed data (i.e username=xyz) to make it work. In my case however, we need to have it dynamic. Lets say it has to display data based on username provided by user input. I did tried with vertical bar, visual builder and other types of graphs as well but all of them works on fixed data. We might be looking for a graph with form input field to be analyzed dynamically.

Please let me know if there is any feature in dashboard which currently supports the requirement or is planned in upcoming release.

Thanks in advance.

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