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We are setting up Kibana User Access. Is there a way i can hide the Management tab for read only users?
I created below role for Read only users. I want to restrict them deleting my indices. which may affect other users.

"MRPLogViewRole": {
"cluster": [
"indices": [
"names": [
"privileges": [
"field_security": {
"grant": [
"run_as": [],
"metadata": {},
"transient_metadata": {
"enabled": true


Hi Mathew,

I moved this over to the kibana forum.

Once we figure out what the right security config for your purposes looks like, it should be doable on your cloud cluster as well.

another Mathew

thanks Mathew.

We are looking to setup multiple indexes for different group of people.
User A will be able to View Only the Index he is supposed to see. He should not modify delete the Index for other users. If management tab, and Dev Tab is disabled, we are good.

Hi original Mathew (not second Mathew),

Unfortunately, we don't offer this functionality just yet. Please see the answer to Disable/hide management plugin kibana 5 for some information on tracking our progress with this, and for some tips on implementing yourself if you have the time and inclination. Hope this helps!


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