User messages* Database is empty in Lab

After creating the Index Pattern of user messages* it reads as a blank database.
I successfully created the users* Index pattern, but when creating the "user messages*" index pattern even though it finds a database, it creates a blank database...

Screenshots included... This is the Instructions in the Lab.

This is what shows up when you do it.

Note this is in the Data Analysis Kibana Labs.

Hi Steven,

It's been a while since we wrote those lab instructions, and as a result, the user messages are a bit further in the past than the last 100 days. Try changing the time filter to the last 1 year. The messages should show up then.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We'll update this course soon, and that should solve the issue.


Thank you Abdon,
I will try that,
I have noticed other things in the training that cannot be done according to the instructions and they appear to be things that would occur in version differences.

Feel free to report those things here. We can then take a look and fix the issues in the next update.

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