Using a detector field value as an influencer


I have a data with following field name and values:

<Metric_1> <Metric_2> <Metric_3> <Server_Name>

1-01-2017 10 20 30 Sever_1
2-01-2017 50 60 70 Server_2

In the mapping I declare "Server_Name" field as 'Keyword' to use it as a "Split Data" and "Key Field" value.

I read in the documentation that the detector values can also be used as influencer value. In that case, I would like to use "Metric_1" value as an influencer here. I have it assigned to "long" data type. Here, I want to know how to use this detector value as an influencer value. Can a value with integer values be used as an influencer? Could you help me with this?

Thank you.

No - influencers are meant to be for fields that are categorical - and are useful in identifying instances of entities that are "to blame" for the existence of the anomaly (a particular server name, a user name, etc.)

Any field in by_field, partition_field or over_field in the detector are good candidates for influencers.

Any field that is not part of the detector needs to be a categorical field, (a keyword).

Thanks for the answer.

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