Using Curl to change cluster settings


I'm quite new to ES and have done most of the admin through kibana

I was doing a cluster restart and disabled shard allocation via dev tools through Kibana.
Now I've started the nodes back up Kibana is giving an error:
"Remove persistent and transient Elasticsearch cluster setting 'cluster.routing.allocation.enable' or set it to a value of all to 'all' migrations to preceded."
I think I know what needs to be done however with no access to the devtools how to I go about changing the cluster settings?
Can I push it through the browser to port9200?
'Im wanting to learn how to use Curl (viaPowerShell) but so far everything I found on curl is tied to assumed knowledge and I'm having trouble getting my head around it.
Could I please get some advice?

I would try a tool like Postman which has a GUI and will also show you what the curl requests look like.

It's a good tool to learn REST APIs

Thanks Stephen, Ill give it a try!

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