Using kibana "discover" in an iframe


is there any guide / manual on using "discover" functionality in an iframe (or other component) in own web browser app?

I tried using it in an iframe and got the following error:

Error: Definition of plugin "licensing" should be a function (/bundles/plugin/licensing.bundle.js).
at HTMLScriptElement.script.onload (http://localhost:5601/bundles/commons.bundle.js:3:3077141)

thank you in advance for any tips!

There is an example how to embed Kibana on external webpage: Embed dashboard or visualization on an external web page with specified filters

Error: Definition of plugin "licensing" should be a function (/bundles/plugin/licensing.bundle.js).

Did you build Kibana locally?

Hello, thanks. I think I saw this one already. But actually, I am not after a dashboard (for which I could see you indeed can get an iframe) but after re-using the kibana's "discover" view/tab, which has a very user-friendly way of presenting the data for exploration - nothing similar I saw on a "dashboard".

To answer your question: no i did not build it locally - i simply took the zipped version, and also potentially i am considering using a containerized one.

I tried to find the src for the "discover" functionality hoping to be able to just grab it, but cannot find it.


Hi Mikhail,

I am also facing same issue. I installed ELK locally . Download from ELK website and Unzip it.

Do we need any license or need to change any setting in kibana?

Karthikeyan S

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