Using puppet for elastic upgrade to 5.x

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sorry for being ignorant .How puppet will help for elastic upgrade from 2,x to 5.x?
i know puppet can be used to automate large scale elastic deployments. from upgrade point of view how can i use puppet.can some one throw light on how a manifest look like

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In general, the Puppet module will just try to enforce what you've specified in your manifest, but will not handle things like migrations for breaking changes that may occur between major versions. For example, if an initial manifest looks like this:

class { 'elasticsearch':
  repo_version => '2.x',
  autoupgrade => true,

And you were to change the manifest to this:

class { 'elasticsearch':
  repo_version => '5.x',
  autoupgrade => true,

(updating the repo_version), Puppet will update your package and services but you still need to bear in mind any changes that Elasticsearch upgrades will bring. For example, the name setting was supported in 2.x but not 5.x, so if your manifest included

config => { 'name' => 'foobar' }

You would need to change it to

config => { '' => 'foobar' }

All of these types of breaking changes need to be checked manually against the list of breaking changes in 5.x.

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