Using Serial Differencing Aggregation in .NET

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I'm tring to use Serial Differencing Aggregation in my C# application.

The function was working properly. However, I found there is no instruction to handle the results of Serial Differencing, but only for Sum Aggregation.

Is there anyone who had experience on calling the Serial Differencing results?


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Sovled by using:

For example:
var difference = item.Aggregations.FirstOrDefault(x => x.Key == "serial_diff").Value

And get the value by:

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Hey @ximenling20, the AggregationsHelper is missing a method for SerialDifferencing(); I'll add one now.

In the meantime, you can get the value as you have done :+1: You could also get it with

if (item.Aggregations.TryGetValue("serial_diff", out IAggregate aggregate))
    var serialDifferencingAggregate = (ValueAggregate) aggregate;

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Hey @forloop, thanks for your quick response and the nice alternative.

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