Using ? to display a ratio of two queries or other advanced calculations

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I have been struggling to find a visualization solution that fits my company's needs. I do not only need to visualize time series data but also need to be able to do calculations "vertically" across all the data at one point of time (averages/ratios) as well as "horizontally" across different points of time if possible (see my question here trying to achieve this with kibana).

Displaying averages in Grafana for example is no problem, but I already struggle when it comes to calculating a ratio of the kind (successful runs/all runs) because when using the lucene syntax to query elasticsearch there is no option to use calculations..

I am open to any visualization solution that could accomplish this, grafana, kibana, banana, I dont care as long as it works.. Thanks for the help.

Edit: To give a usecase without you having to click the link: I need to calculate the mean time between failures for jenkins pipelines. So the time between one build with result: "FAILURE" to the next one with a different ID with the result == "FAILURE".


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Using an Area visualization you could follow the following steps in order to get a ratio overview of any information that is available:

  • In Area visualization, choose X-axis > data aggregation > Date histogram (just for this example, you can choose other dimensions also)
  • Split series > Sub aggregation > filters for instance a filter "jenkins_result:ok" and "NOT jenkins_result:ok". You see both filters being complement to each other.
  • Goto Metric&Axes, Y-axis > LeftAxis-1 > Mode > percentage

Using this approach you could choose other Splits or dimensions.

Hope this helps!

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Hello @jhg and welcome to this forums I suppose,

Your solution does work for sure, when using kibana there is also the option I found to use timelion to display some basic calculations and thus get a visual of a ratio but I can not get the mean-time between failure part to work in kibana without adding additional metrics to my data.

Even worse is the experience in Grafana, where I can not even get the ratio displayed, not even speaking of the MTBF.

Still thanks a lot for jumping right to my help soon after signing up on the forums,


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Hi Tobias,
Ah, I misread the part about the MTBF. Interesting question.
Visualizations are not the issue. For a MTBF I guess some iteration is necessary or preprocessing the data with for instance logstash.

Too bad the answer is not here yet


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