Visual Builder : compute and display a ratio

I'm trying to use Visual Builder to compute a ratio, on a given time period.
I use the log sample data (

I want to display the ratio of 404 error code among all request, in the selected period.
Here's what I do:

On period: image

And I get the following graphic:

but when looking the metric tab:

What's wrong in what I did?

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Metric, Top N, Guage, and Markdown only show values for the last bucket in the date histogram. In your example, the last bucket has a value of zero. There is a lot of user confusion about where the values for Metric are getting pulled from. There is an open Pull Request that adds a new setting that controls the time range used for matching documents.

If you want to display the average filter ratio for the entire timerange, you will have to use a parent aggregation to keep a moving average. Then the last bucket will contain the metric that you are expecting.

Thank you for your answer. I figured out something like that but used the last « average » in the list. What is the difference with the moving average ?

Bucket aggregations divide documents in buckets.
Metric aggregations calculate a value for all of the documents in a single bucket
Pipeline aggregations work on the outputs produced from other aggregations rather than raw documents.

average. Metric aggregation that computes the average for all documents in a single bucket.

Moving average pipeline aggregation that computes the moving average of the output of another Metric aggregation .

average bucket A sibling pipeline aggregation which calculates the (mean) average value of a specified metric in a sibling aggregation

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