Compute Ratio using Visual Builder


I'm trying to compute a ratio with Visual Builder.

According to this topic Visual Builder : compute and display a ratio, I've created a Filter Ratio with a moving average pipeline aggregation.

In my example, i've a total (22) and subset (3), so I expect the filter ratio to be equal to 13%.

I suppose this is because most of the time 'total' and 'subset' are equal to 0 in buckets (0+0+0...+13+..)

In this example is it possible to compute a ratio with matching values only (equal to 13%) ?

Hey @bguerout, welcome to our community.
Thanks for the question and sorry for the late reply.

I'm not sure if I correctly understood your question, with "compute a ration with matching values only" do you mean to filter out ratio values above or below that value? or you want to remove from the chart every bucket that has an undefined ratio (like in the case your total is 0)?


i would like to be able to compute a ratio between a subset and a total over a period of time.

If I send to ES all http requests, i would like to be able to get the ratio of authentication requests. For example if during the last day we have 100 requests and 10 authentication requests, then the ratio should be equals to 0.10.


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