Using two kibana for HA(active-active) - Pointing to the same Elastic cluster


Is it possible to have two kibana, in different VMs, in an active-active state responding the the same address via LB?

Browser( -> LB -> kibana1,kibana2

If yes, what are the configurations we need for the load balancer.
Do we need sticky sessions and cookie control in the LB or kibana will be, somehow, able to control the browser session?

What about SSL. Do I need to configure the LB to support a bridged SSL? Like:

Browser( ->(SSL1) LB (SSL2) -> (https://kibana.intern)kibana1,kibana2(https://kibana2.intern)


Hi @jonatiao , welcome to our community!

Here are some documentation that may help you provision this setup:

Hello Liza,

Thx for your answer. : )
I had already read those docs but the latter don't answer my questions. Or maybe I got it all wrong, if so, could you please be more specific on which part of the docs it is said how I do(or do not) need to configure my LB?

thx a lot!

Our docs show the settings for our products, not sure it would give specifics on how to provision a load balancer, I have not set this up, but let me see if someone in our ops team can answer your question: cc: @jbudz can you help here?

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