Using Vega Tree layout offline


i was looking for a tree visualization to show data on Kibana and it ended with Vega Tree layout,

but the question is there anyway to use it in Kibana without Internet access ?
since the Tree Layout scripts calling another resources on Internet and the server doesn't have Internet access.

if is not possible any advise to have Tree graph in Kibana rather than Vega?

thanks in advance.

You could try and use a proxy server that caches the data locally so that you can serve the data that the Tree layout is getting, from a local resource.

As for a tree graph, maybe the Graph app can help you. It does depend on your needs, but you can check it.

Thanks @Marius_Dragomir for your reply,

i wonder if there is anyway to download all needed resources to display the graph on Vega locally since my machine doesn't have access to Internet and the graph is calling scripts and Json drafts
which needed to display the graph.

and ill check if the Graph app can serve our needs.

I don't think that's possible for now, but an enhancement request added here: would be useful.

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