Using " true" on Windows


I have ElasticSearch setup on a Windows Server, and I'm trying to use XPack security in a Basic version of the product.

I need to set this value in the elasticsearch.yml file on the Server,
" true"

but I'm not sure where exactly in the file this should be placed. Should it just be placed at the end of the file? Also, I'm not using TLS, HTTPS, etc. - just basic authentication.

The Windows clients use Filebeat to send data to Elasticsearch.

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OK, that works. But now I'm not able to bring up the Kibana UI in a browser using this:


It keeps giving me the message "Kibana server is not ready yet".
I tried these steps:

and set passwords for default users, and restarted the services (Elasticsearch, Kibana).

Like I said, I'm using only basic authentication, and not any encryption.

What could be going wrong in bringing up the Kibana UI with this? It was working fine earlier.


It's super hard to know what is happening. You need to share your elasticsearch.yml file (Please read this about how to format).

And the kibana.yml file as well.

And Elasticsearch logs.

OK, sorry I had made some mistakes. I hadn't added these lines in kibana.yml:

elasticsearch.username: "kibana"
elasticsearch.password: "my_password"

and I've been following the steps mentioned here:

I'm able to proceed now. Will post again if I face any issues.

Thanks again.

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