V7.0.0 upgrade pain "_type" now all doc, which field shoud I use instead?

I know removal of mapping types in v7: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/master/removal-of-types.html#_schedule_for_removal_of_mapping_types

But _type is now all _doc
We use "_type" field very much as filter in kibana to look at data from a specific file.

I know I can use an index pattern with only the given file (cumpersome have 10K files)
Or I can add a doctype field which holds the old mapping types.

But this has been a fundamental part of Kibana filtering as long as I've used it. So there must be a way of doing this without having to rewrite all my inserter-daemons.

This is the recommended approach and allows you to filter in Kibana.

added doctype to all insert jobs and redeployed, but have some client, we havent touched in years with no CD or git access. Nice to test :slight_smile:

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