Vega-lite / search context integration possible issue

I may have discovered a problem - well at least I seem to be suffering it. My vega visualization uses the %context% and %timefield% entries and generally works ok. The viz specifically follows the timefield and context filters if applied using the UI 'filter' buttons. However, the viz does not follow the manual search box entered filters if I change to the new advanced query syntax. It does work if I stick to the default old query syntax.
BTW, my timefield is set to a different param than is the default for the index pattern the dashboard is using, but that still seems to work ok with the UI entered time filtering.
ES & kibana versions are 6.3.
Is this a bug?

cc @nyuriks - can you please help here ?


Hmm, it might actually be a bug - I haven't tested the new query syntax... In theory, it should work transparently. @rashmi do you think we can get a repo of this issue?

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