[Vega Map] Zoom levels limited to [0-10] when using base map layer


We just updated from Kibana v7.10 to v7.13.2 and there seems to be some changes on the Vega Map visualisations.

When using base map layer (mapStyle: false), zoom levels seem to be limited to the range between 1 and 10.
And not taking into account the minzoom/maxzoom defined in the Vega spec, which use to allow zooms from 1 to 20.
When setting mapStyle: true, the full range of zoom levels can be used (1 to 20).

Code hasn't changed, Vega schema is the same so I guess it must come from the update but couldn't find anything in the documentation regarding changes on Vega Maps or the EMS.

The only reference I could find was to the following parameters in the kibana.yml: map.tilemap.options.minZoom, map.tilemap.options.maxZoom.
But seems that 1-10 were always the default values.

Any idea on how to solve the "problem"?



Hi @Kayak007. Thanks for reaching out! I looked into this and can confirm this is a bug in Kibana. I've filed a bug report here.

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Thanks for quick the answer.

You think there's a workaround that I could try until the bug is fixed?


As a workaround, you could configure a third-party Tile Map Service in Kibana. There are some examples that should work in this blog post.

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