Vega Maps Zoom

I'm currently using vega maps to look at geo data and noticed that the zoom level for a vega map based visualization seems to lower than what is theoretically possible from the local map tile server that I'm using, currently only able to achieve a max zoom of 9. Strangely enough I was able to go to a higher zoom setting in the native kibana mapper than I was in the vega map.

Vega maps uses mercator projection and provides zoom levels ranging from 0 to 20. See for details about each zoom level. Vega maps is rendered with MapboxGL and there is note in the linked page about how that effects the zoom level descriptions

Unrelated to your question, can you explain your vega maps use case? Have you tried the maps app in Kibana? Any reason why you went with vega instead?

Ah I see the mention of the default 512×512-pixel tiles used resulting in 262144 tiles and a zoom level of 9, per the table provided in the wiki link you sent. Do you happen to know if this parameter can be modified or is this actually a hard zoom limit on the rendering software? Thanks

To answer you appended questions, I'm using vega because of the large suite of unrestricted capabilities it provides for design out of the box. For my purpose specifically it would be useful to show track paths on a map as well as to leverage vega's interactive visualization features. With that said we leverage both tools in our visualization suite at this point, choosing either tool where it makes the most sense to do so. Hope that answers your questions in full.

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