[Vega] Visualisation with multiple maps


I'm trying to create a Vega visualization with a main map of a country and several zoomed maps on cities.

Something like this:

I could do that through a dashboard and four visualizations, but the data visualized in each area is the same.
The dashboard would update the datasets for each visualization (at least it seems so) whereas with Vega it's just one update.
Should be quicker just to present the same data in four different ways.

It seems to be possible playing with projections in different mark groups, but having no access to map data other than the ones of the EMS I'm a bit stuck.

Anybody knows if it's possible?




If the data is the same then - can you please check out our maps app and the layers & then embed it in a dashboard?



Thanks for your answer.

Yes, using a dashboard is the solution I'm using.
But my understanding is that, even if the source is the same, each visualisation is going to issue a query to refresh the data.
So instead of querying the data once with a Vega visualisation, going through a dashboard will launch four queries (one for each visualisation).

In my opinion, Vega allows much more flexibility at the moment.
The problem with the Kibana embedded map visualisations, it's that you can't map rates (only counts, min, max...).
If it's possible please tell me how, it will be very helpful.


Currently, Vega in Kibana only supports a single map per visualization. You may wish to open a feature request.


I'll try that.

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