Do you recommend to use a Vega or a non-Vega visualization?

If a visualization has the same or very similar visual in Vega and non-Vega graph, which one is recommended to visualize?

Are there any differences between Vega and non-Vega, such as performance behavior on dashboard?

Vega is meant for users who want to control their visualizations in an advanced way, while the other tools are more simplified. There should be few differences, although released versions of Vega are not able to take advantage of the asynchronous query support that was introduced in Kibana 7.6 (this will be fixed in a future version).

One thing with Vega I like is you can block any dashboard or timepicker filtering. So if you want something to stay static no matter what is being done on a dashboard this works.

Haven't seen any performance differences.

@wylie and @aaron_nimocks, thank you for your reply.

I want to know about this more specifically.
What is advantage of the asynchronous query in detail?
Do you know exactly when is it to be released the future version(v.4.3.1?) of Vega??

You can see details about async search here:

It is not a Vega feature, but is related to the Kibana integration of Vega. I believe that the changes were merged for our future 7.9 release

@wylie, thank you and I'll check the document.

And if you know about when Vega will version up from v.4.3.0 to v.5.x, please let me know.

Actually the PR for updating Vega to v5 is this one:

It is merged already and tagged for 7.9 and was backported to the 7.x branch. So let‘s see if it even still makes it into 7.8.x

@Andre_Letterer, Thank you very much!

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