Vega Experimental?

Hi, just wondering if anyone has any idea if Vega for Kibana will be released proper, rather than experimental. We are exploring it, and didn't want to delve too far for it to be removed in the next version of Kibana.


Hey @amageek, we don't have any concrete plans at the moment for when we'll be moving Vega out of being experimental, but it's not likely for us to remove it from Kibana as there is quite a bit of interest and usage.

thank you so much. I see so much merit with the Vega visualisation. We are using it for NPS scores. The query was easy to aggregate the ratings and display the result. The interaction on Vega does need better documentation regarding Kibana. I'd like to make a selection in the chart and it drill down the other dashboard reports. I'm sure it's possible, interactions seem possible, but not sure how to get the time to update in dashboard. :slight_smile:

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