Version 5.X path.plugins removal


The path.plugins variable was removed in version 5.x. I am curious about the reason for the removal as I can't find it in the actual commit (

I currently run multiple nodes for different clusters on the same box. These nodes currently run off the same package.


Since the nodes share a package, with the removal of path.plugins I can't have different plugins for each cluster (all the clusters server different purposes).

I know I can rewrite my puppet code so that each cluster uses its own package (which isn't a huge deal since Elasticsearch is only 35 mb or something like that), but if there was an easier work around than reconfiguring my whole installation it'd be nice to know about.

I'm mostly just curious about the reasoning for the removal of path.plugins.

Thanks a lot,


The primary use-case for this feature is yours: users that want to run multiple servers on the same machine with possibly different plugins for some of these instances. This is a very niche use-case. We felt the tradeoff of a code simplification to support a very niche use-case was worth it. Users that do have this use-case have a workaround: install multiple instances, as you mentioned.

Fair enough. I appreciate the quick reply!

Thanks for understanding, and you're welcome.

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