Plugin installation under different folder


I installed head plugin in a different folder and modified the elasticsearch.yml accordingly. But head is not loading.


path.plugins: ${ELASTIC}/plugins

plugins folder structure


And I restarted the elasticsearch cluster. I don't see head plugin is picked up by elasticsearch.

What could be the issue?

Is that what you have in the config file? If so do you have that defined as a variable?

Yes @warkolm.
That is defined as environment variable.

Yes. I have that added in config file. The variable is working correctly for others like config, data, and logs.
But it is not working for plugins.
So need help here to resolve this.

@magnusbaeck @warkolm
Waiting for your response.. :bow:



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[quote="jprante, post:6, topic:26666"]
[/quote]Thanks @jprante . Let my try that and report back immediately.

Thanks once again @jprante. It is working now.
I made a mistake from by putting head inside _site folder rather than other way around.

FYI we're volunteers here (yes, even though I am an Elastic employee I do this on my own time).

While we're happy to help out when we can, please do not expect a response.

I understand @warkolm, yours and others kind contribution here.I have always waited for your response and you people never disappointed.
I have struck badly on this issue in the production for last few days, so I had to push an extra yard here.

Thanks once again to you all for all the help here.