Version mismatch between Elasticsearch and Logstash, beats

We have AWS Elasticsearch service with version 7.4
We want to make it centralized Elasticsearch. We have one standalone ELK stack (version: 7.6.2) with filebeat, metricbeat configured.
We are planning to point the Logstash (version:7.6.2) of that stadalone ELK stack to the AWS Elasticsearch (version: 7.4)
Will that version mismatch between Logstash (7.6.2) & Elasticsearch (7.4) create any problem/ will it work properly?

And also the same mismatch between Metricbeat (7.6.2) and Elasticsearch (7.4). Will it create any problem/ will it work properly? (Here we will point metricbeat directly to Elasticsearch)


You need to use the same version everywhere.

BTW did you look at Cloud by Elastic, also available if needed from AWS Marketplace ?

Cloud by elastic is one way to have access to all features, all managed by us. Think about what is there yet like Security, Monitoring, Reporting, SQL, Canvas, Maps UI, Alerting and built-in solutions named Observability, Security, Enterprise Search and what is coming next :slight_smile: ...

The support matrix seems to indicate this should be fine, but AWS runs a fork of Elasticsearch with their own security plugin so there are no guarantees.

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Thanks @Christian_Dahlqvist for your reply.

Thanks @dadoonet for your reply

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