Vertical bar chart with data from elapsed time

(Patrick) #1


I installed the plugin elapsed and logstash calculates the time between two Events which is great :slight_smile: in kibana I can See the "elapsed_time" values. Now, I want to create a visualization in kibana with absolute values from the "elpased_time" and a date histogram. I can do this with "min, max, avg..." but not with the absolute values :frowning: is there a possibility in kibana to do this?

(Lukas Olson) #2

I want to make sure I understand exactly what you're asking... Are you saying that some of the elapsed_time values are negative, so you'd like to perform an absolute value on the field so that the values are all positive, or are you saying you'd like to plot the actual document values themselves in a visualization (instead of an aggregation over multiple document values)?

(Patrick) #3

Thank you @Lukas for your answer. It's the second: i like to plot the actual 'elapsed_time' values.

(Lukas Olson) #4

Thanks for your response. Currently, all visualizations inside Kibana operate over aggregate data, not on individual document values. Sorry!

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