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  1. We have an input as CSV file to generate the reports in Kibana and got the below expected output vertical bar, But the value “ 201848 ” (yyyymm), which I given in the “Custom Label” should be dynamic. Is it possible to give the dynamic value in “Custom Label”?

  2. If I use that value “ 201848” in CSV ‘Column Header’ instead of using in “Custom Label”, I got the expected output. But the header value ( 201848 ) will change over the period of time. Is it possible to map CSV header value as dynamic to dashboard legends in Kibana?

  3. Is there any other way to bring this values (201848, 201837) in kibana as dynamic?

Kindly help anyone on this.


Neelakandan M

unfortunately that is not possible in kibana at the moment.

Hi Peter,

Thank you

Is there any other possibility to implement that?

Neelakandan M

we are working on using canvas interpreter for all visalizations, and at some point that will allow you to achieve this flexibility. however that's still quite long term atm.

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