View amount of data stored in elk stack

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Is there a way to view in the kibana web gui the the amount of logs stored by size and the retention rate ?

Ive been looking around and I think tentatively xpack does this? also this question may be in the wrong category sorry. elk is overwhelming

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So you can use kibana to look at the logs in elasticsearch and visualize them.You can also look at how many documents are there in your index pattern in Kibana.

There is a handy trick to look at your data size: https://localhost:9200/_cat/indices
This is on ES though.

Does that help? If not we can move this question to elasticsearch forum.


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the question is more geared towards how many gigs worth of logs do i currently have stored and how long before some are deleted or archived and no longer search able etc. all in the gui so a non admin can view this. if this is more a elasticsearch question i can move it to that category

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Btw the link to the es back end page is a start but the ppl whom this is for will likely cry and say this is not nice enough and not summed up. I guess using kibana makes u expect nice dashboards lol

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As long as you can ingest data into elasticsearch which has the details (like size, how long you want to retain your logs) you can visualize it in Kibana.

It depends on your data and the fields in it. Did you explore other parts of our stack? Logstash, beats? This is our solutions page and may be something will help?


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So @Larry_Gregory pointed out to me about index management feature which we have in 6.3.0 basic.
You just have to install the default distro from here:

Then navigate to management -> index management. This might help?


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If you install X-Pack (or just upgrade to 6.3) then you will have all of this out of the box :slight_smile:

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@bhavyarm that sounds like what i need BUT

meh corporate bs so upgrading probably to much to ask yet. im on 6.1.3. but i will ask.. thank you for your responses

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