Virtual Machine Hosts and ECS

If I have events coming from a Virtual Machine and want to enrich the events with information about the host it is running on, in ECS, where would I put that information?

For example, the add_host_metadata processor for Beats adds the following information for the VM under host.*, but I'd want to add similar information about the physical machine its running on.

         "name":"Mac OS X"
      "ip": ["", ""],
      "mac": ["00:25:96:12:34:56", "72:00:06:ff:79:f1"],
      "geo": {
          "continent_name": "North America",
          "country_iso_code": "US",
          "region_name": "New York",
          "region_iso_code": "NY",
          "city_name": "New York",
          "name": "nyc-dc1-rack1",
          "location": "40.7128, -74.0060"

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