Visual Builder & Controls - Link to Saved Search?

I defined a bunch of SAVED SEARCHES that are very useful for various data table and chart visualizations. However, I find that I can't assign a saved search to VISUAL BUILDER or CONTROLS visualizations (and possibly others).

In the CONTROLS visualization, I would ideally want to allow selection from a only a specific list of options as defined by the search, but I can live with this. However, I am finding this to be especially problematic when using VISUAL BUILDER, where it seems that I need to maintain my whole set of search terms within each visualization... I wonder if someone might suggest a better way?



You can use the Panel filter in Visual Builder to copy the same query from your saved search. This way you only filter the data you want. It won't be automatic, if you change your saved search, you have to change your Panel Filter, but it's better than nothing. There is no other way of attaching a saved search to Visual Builder as it uses a different type of request in the background for ES data.

Yes, that's what I've been doing... Something of an administrative nightmare... I just thought I'd ask! Thanks again.

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