Visual Builder last value

I have this visual builder

As you can see the last value is 47291.34

When I change time series to Top N I get

It shows 0. Is there a way for it to show 47291.34 ( The last value) instead of 0?

Looks like you have no data at 05-01 so I think that's why top N is 0. If you set your time range to end at 4-28, does it work then?

So there is no way to do it without setting time range?

Is there a plan to include math feature into normal visualization?

My use case is I need to perform math over sum of 2 field and show its last existing value.

Normal visualization always shows last value no matter what time range is but it cannot perform math over it. Is there a work around of any kind for this use case?

Or in the TSVB I can say Over all Min or Over all Max, and the Top N will now display value. Isn't there something like "Always first", or "Always last"?

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