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I've created a visualization based on Visual Builder / Metric : show the max of a numeric field.
Seems easy.

It shows "0" if the time range is set to :

  • Today
  • This week
  • This month
  • This year
  • Previous year
  • Last 15 minutes (data a collected each 30minutes, for this one I understand why it doesn't work)
  • Last 30 minutes
  • Last 1 hour
  • Last 4 hours
  • Last 12 hours

do you have a workaround ?



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I'm assuming you're talking about what is showing up in the legend on the right side of the visualization. This actually corresponds with the most recent bucket in the visualization, not the entire visualization itself. You'll notice if you hover over somewhere in the chart the value in the legend changes based on where in the chart you hover.

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I don't talk about what is showing up in the legend on the right side of the visualization, because, there is no legend for a VisualBuilder/Metric type.

I talk about the metric itself. I've uploaded some pictures to help you figure out.
Depending on the time range selected, it shows "0" as max value.

I'm on Kibana 5.6.4



Last 24 hours

Last 30 days

Previous year

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up up up

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anyone has an explanation ? a workaround ? a solution ?

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is this a known bug ?
if so, please let me know, so that i won't even bother myself to try to find a solution here

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no idea ?

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@lukas I've added some pictures, hoping that it can help you to help me :wink:

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up up

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Sorry for the late response! What I was trying to explain is that the metric that shows up is not a representation of the entire date range, it is a representation of only the very last interval in the time range.

For example, if I select "Last 15 minutes" as the time range, then for the interval I select "1m" (1 minute), then the metric will show data for only the last 1 minute of the range.

Does that make sense?

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it makes no sense !

If it's a representation of only the very last interval in the time range,
then it have to show the same thing when I choose "Today" or "Last 24 hours"
because the very last interval in the time range is the same...

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"Today" and "Last 24 hours" are not the same time interval. "Last 24 hours" is from 24 hours ago until now, whereas "Today" means the current day starting at midnight until 11:59:59 tonight. Since "Today" includes future parts of today, it makes sense that you wouldn't have any data in the very last interval.

Also if you have the interval set to "Auto", as you change the time range it will automatically select an interval for you. You can manually set the interval and see the data change.

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ok !
I see the difference now.
It's just a bit strange that "future -still not there- data" are taken into account in the data display

in my opinion, for "Today" it should display the metrics starting "now" not starting 11:59:59 tonight

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I think what you're wanting is "Today so far" instead of "Today." Could you give that a try?

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sorry for the late answer

I've tried with "Today so far"
Some of my visualizations get the same display => 0
(even if I have set the interval set to "Auto")

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