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Visual builder chart working fine under admin role but when user logs in the chart returns the error "The request for this panel failed.", all other charts are working fine. Is there a role I need to add to each user?

Hi @aaheaton,

could you take a look at the browser console if an exception is printed there and copy+paste it here if that is the case?

Hi, the only think I see in the console is

Since the user can log into Kibana, I assume you have added the kibana_user role. Aside from that the user needs to have permissions to access the data indices that the panel reads from.

Doe it work if the user accesses it as a single visualization?

Hi, no still doesn't work with single vis. We able to make it work by giving the user * for index on the entitlements. Just wondering if this is creating any temporary pipeline index?

Not that I am aware of, but I will inquire further.

Did you narrow down the index pattern in the "Panel Options" section to just match indices that the user has permissions for? It defaults to *, which can include all indices in the queries.

Yep, I do it every time I create VB chart, its what made us think about the temp pipeline idea.

Since I am unable to reproduce the problem, I will have to rely on you to provide more details. What would be most helpful right now would be if were to attach a HAR of the requests performed by the browser when you apply any changes to the single visualization.

@aaheaton Which version of Kibana are you using? There was a bug in 5.4 that was fixed in 5.4.1 (I believe) where x-pack auth wasn't working correctly.

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