Visualisation for multiple indexes, using same ids

Hi folks,

I have a requirement for a line chart which uses two indexes. For the first index, I want to get a top 5 based on a metric, and therefore show a line chart for id1, id2, id3, id4, id5 displaying the metric as the y-axis (x-axis would be time).

For the second index, I want to return further data for the same ids as above, again using time as the x-axis. It feels like this should be a Timelion solution, but I haven't seen a suitable example.

I may need to perform some subtraction too, at a later point - hence why I'm looking at Timelion.

Can anyone assist please?

Simon, can you give your current queri(es) that come closest, using one of the three standard Kibana sample datasets (Flights, eCommerce or Logs) so we can look at the same thing, and your info on where they fall short?

Hi Robert,

I've just looked at the sample datasets, and do not believe I can get a query that is close - as there doesn't appear to be a single field that is common amongst them. Let me see if I can explain.

sales (Index)

products (Index)

Let's say I want to get the top 5 products sold from the Sales index, and show them on a line chart for the preceding 7 days. In a separate pie chart, I'd like to show the breakdown by product_category - only for those product_ids returned by the first chart.

Is this possible?

Hi, does anyone know if this is possible in Kibana?

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