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I have a temperature sensor and i am feeding elasticsearch the data that consists in timestamp, humidity and temperature

I want to generate a graph that displays as a line chart the temperature in the y axis and the timestamp in the x axis. Something like this


Looks pretty trivial and basic but i am not able to generate that visualisation

On x axis i have date histogram, thats clear. But on y axis, what should i set?


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For the y-axis you can choose average temperature, which should basically accomplish what you're asking. Currently, there is no way to visualize individual documents inside your dataset, only aggregate data.

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If you choose a custom time for your date histogram, and make it a smaller bucket than your data collection interval, then it will display your exact data values. Always be aware of the data collection interval, and what display problem you are trying to solve (ex. the max value of a field).

You can also add 2 aggregations and show your temperature and your humidity on the same graph (one on the left, and one on the right).

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