Visualization Exclude on numeric field

I am trying to product a visualization in the Kibana UI which shows a count. The data is about request made to our service, so we have a "responseCode" field of type long. This will hold the http response code, eg

The visualization I want to create is to count errors (bad requests) so I want to exclude all response codes, for example from the 200-299 range.

How do I do this..?

I have tried:
-responseCode:[200 TO 299]
-responseCode:[200, 201, 299]
and various others...

Hey @Matheu,

Can you exclude these using a filter at the visualization level instead of at the aggregation level? Something like this?

But won't that effect every visualization ? I am just looking to exclude within this single visualization...

Nope, you can specify this when creating the visualization, and it should only impact that single viz. We're not specifying the filter at the dashboard level

Ok, I see....

Thanks very much for your help.....

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