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I am using the visualization: "ElastiFlow: Source Autonomous Systems (bytes) - donut" to retrieve some data from my customer's equipment.

As you can see below on the image, there are information about which ISP (Internet Service Provider) is, what is the AS (Autononous System) Number of it, the data usage and the percentage. As you can see on the imagem below:


But when I export it from the native CSV of the visualization, the only fields that I get are the Source AS field and Bytes field only. As you can see on the imagem below:


What I needed is the data of the percentage utilization of each ISP shown at the visualization embedded in the CSV. I tried to do it manually but the percentage provided by the visualization does not match when you SUM all of the components data and do the division from the amount to get the percentage.

Is there any way to put the percentage data (Figure 1) on the CSV Table?

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that's actually how it is supposed to behave, the CSV export only exports the values returned from the Elasticsearch query.

That percentage readout is only part of the pie-chart visualization. I would raise this as a feature request in the kibana repo

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